About Us

About Us At BLUNET

Bluberry Networks SB is a leading technology company established in 2009. We design and develop innovative solutions leveraging on the best of breed latest technologies to help our clients to cope and leverage technology as a functional tool to support their business objectives.


What we do

In short, we use and adapt the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Additive Manufacturing, Internet Technologies, Mobile Applications and much more and we create products, solutions and services for all sectors of industries and market.

Some of our solutions include

1.  Web and Application System development

2.  Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

3.  System Integration (SI) Supply & Services

4.  Technical & Professional Consultancy & Training

4.  Mobile Apps Development & Intgration

4.  Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development & Integration

4.  3D Design, Printing & Product Development

4.  Interactive & Game Development & Digital Arts Design

4.  Internet Of Things Research, Integration & Development

4.  Digital Store, Cafe, E-Commerce & Figital Marketing

Let Us Help You

Drop us a note or a line and we would love to hear your ideas and requirement. We believe we have the right solution for your technology or appication needs.