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DYNAWEB4 - A New Approach To Web Portal & Application System Development & Customization

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What is DYNAWEB4

DYNAWEB4 as is web development and content management framework developed using the latest PHP and other web technologies to allow faster and easier creation of web portals and application systems in a modular, open source and scalable way allowing developers to continue to grow the system whilst content managers continue to easily manage all content and media in an efficient and effective manner.


Key Features:

  • Developed on the Yii2.0 popular and secured PHP development framework
  • Supports MySQL and MSSQL Databases
  • Readily available many common modules to support the basic needs of every portal or application system from user and aceess control management to web portals's content management module sto manage the likes of articles, blogs, images and many more.
  • Highly scalable and modular allowing developers to easily manage the current modules and content while at the same time continue develop and grow new modules that will enhance functionalities of the portal or system
  • Standards and open source based where the system and framework is based on standard PHP and Yii2.0 and utilizing industry standard web technologies such as Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS3 to allow anybody to easily adopt and adapt to the platform
  • Include many unique implementations to enhance development such as the support of multiple multidesign microsite system,  code frontend portals direct from the CMS, multi language translation module, dynamic dashboard and reporting module plus many more.



DYNAWEB4 technology is designed from our long experience in developing national level portals and systems and lesson-learned in our day to day development works and challenges. Although there are many development solutions out there, traditionally, when we embark into another web development project, almost everything is needed to be restarted from scratch, having to develop or customise the same modules all over again and having multiple developers working on different projects makes it worse since each of them will work on silo basis, each having the same versions of the same modules and functionalities.  There must be a better way of doing things.

DYNAWEB4: Concept and Approach

DYNAWEB4 envisions to be a solution that is between Wordpress for ease of use, to SAP for the ability to scale an application to an enterprise level environment.  The idea behind it is to develop a framework on a stable platform that has all the basic requirements of any web portal or applications already embedded in it.  Hence any developer can just download it, unzip it, link it to a standard structured database and all the basic modules to develop any portal will be ready to be used.  It will also include pre designed code and UI components, making the development of any web portal so easy even for a beginner.