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DYNAWEB4 Enterprise Content Management System (EPMS)

BluNet leverages its own Open-Source Rapid Application Development platform called DynaWeb4 to deliver bespoke software solutions tailored to each client's requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

Built on MVC architecture, DynaWeb4 has served as the foundation for customizable products like our Enterprise Content Management System, multisite portals, chatbots and more. Our agile DevOps processes blending development and IT operations allow us to take ideas from conception to delivery seamlessly through iterative collaboration with stakeholders.

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E-Learning Portals

E-Learning portals built with DYNAWEB4 offer a comprehensive platform for delivering online courses and educational content. With features like user management, course catalog, progress tracking, interactive learning materials, and training management capabilities, these portals provide a seamless learning experience for students and efficient course management for instructors.


Community Portals

Community portals powered by DYNAWEB4 provide a centralized platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share resources, and engage in discussions. With membership management functionalities, these portals allow users to create profiles, join groups, participate in forums, and access exclusive content, fostering a vibrant and interactive community environment.


Corporate Intranets

DYNAWEB4 enables the development of secure and customizable corporate intranets that serve as centralized hubs for internal communications, document management, employee directories, collaboration tools, and chatbot integration. These intranets facilitate efficient knowledge sharing, streamline workflows, and enhance employee engagement within organizations.


Crowdfunding Portals

Crowdfunding portals powered by DYNAWEB4 allow organizations and individuals to raise funds for projects and causes from a large base of backers. Key features include campaign creation, donor management, funding progress tracking, promotions via social media integration, and secure payment processing. These portals facilitate transparent funding, foster community engagement, and are configurable for different campaign types such as donations, rewards, equity etc.


Event Management Portals

Event management portals powered by DYNAWEB4 streamline the entire event planning and execution process. These portals offer features such as event registration, ticketing, agenda management, attendee communication, and payment collection integration, providing a comprehensive solution for organizing successful events with seamless participant management and secure online payments.


Booking Systems

DYNAWEB4 empowers the development of robust and user-friendly booking systems that enable businesses to manage appointments, reservations, and bookings efficiently. These portals offer features like real-time availability, automated confirmations, calendar integration, and secure payment processing, providing a seamless booking experience for customers and optimizing resource utilization for businesses.


Membership Management

Membership management portals powered by DYNAWEB4 provide organizations with the ability to manage membership registrations, renewals, and member profiles efficiently. These portals offer features such as membership application forms, subscription management, member directories, and personalized member communication, facilitating streamlined membership processes and fostering member engagement.


Chatbot Integration

DYNAWEB4 supports seamless integration of AI-powered chatbots into web portals. With chatbot capabilities, these portals can provide instant and personalized customer support, interactive assistance, and automated responses to frequently asked questions. Chatbots enhance user experience, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize support operations by efficiently handling user inquiries and providing timely assistance.


Training Management System

DYNAWEB4 enables the development of comprehensive training management systems that streamline the entire training lifecycle. These portals offer features such as course scheduling, participant registration, progress tracking, assessments, and certification management. They provide organizations with a centralized platform to plan, deliver, and monitor training programs efficiently.


Payment Collection

DYNAWEB4 facilitates seamless integration of payment gateways into web portals, enabling secure and convenient online payment collection. These portals support various payment methods, handle transaction processing, and provide a smooth checkout experience for customers. The payment collection feature ensures secure and reliable payment handling, enhancing customer trust and facilitating business transactions.


Data Visualization

DYNAWEB4 supports data visualization capabilities, allowing businesses to present complex data in a visually appealing and interactive format. These portals offer charts, graphs, and customizable dashboards to display data analytics, KPIs, and insights. Data visualization enhances decision-making, enables.

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PARLEY Consulting Framework

To establish an overarching strategic direction while outlining core areas of expertise

Parley is the framework developed by BluNet that aims to establish an overarching strategic direction while outlining core areas of expertise. It maps how advisory services, technological upgrades, security, and intelligence come together to drive better outcomes.

With the vision to guide customers to harness innovation and emerge stronger in a complex digital world, Parley provide an expert advisory service to drive operational excellence, secure critical assets and unlock intelligence to maximize value. The benefit realization from the framework are nonetheless increased productivity and efficiency, improved risk management of digital assets, faster growth and innovation and sustainable competitive advantage.